The histamine diet can help Someone find out which foods Trigger their symptoms. They may see an improvement by avoiding those foods. A nourishment professional can guide someone through this process.

This Article looks at how the entire body, what histamine intolerance is is affected by histamine also, and the foods individuals might wish to avoid. In addition, it provides ideas for food prep and grocery shopping and an example meal plan.

What is histamine?

Histamine is a chemical that regulates the human body’s response to foreign substances and injury.

It releases histamine when the body reacts to a chemical it perceives as harmful. This causes inflammation and dilates a Individual’s blood vessels, leading to symptoms like :

hives (urticaria)
runny nose
watery eyes

Regardless of the discomfort these symptoms can cause, histamine has an important and complex role in the defenses of the body.

A 2018 review describes histamine as having a’paradoxical nature’, since it may both increase and reduce inflammation levels.

Laboratory experiments the authors quote also demonstrate that histamine may help with wound healing and inhibit tumor development. However, researchers have not replicated these results.

Histamine intolerance

Some People develop symptoms in response to foods that contain or release histamine. Doctors call this condition histamine intolerance.

Histamine intolerance’s symptoms are very similar to that of an allergic reaction and may affect numerous systems.

Symptoms include:

watery eyes
stomach pain

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is the enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine in the human body.

People with lower levels of DAO have higher levels of histamine, and therefore might be more likely to develop allergies.

A small study Showed that 10 out of 14 people who visited with an allergy clinic had DAO activity. 13 reported that an improvement in a minumum of one of their symptoms.

Another research Found that DAO activity was reduced with suspected histamine intolerance than others in participants without intolerance. Their symptoms disappeared or improved, when 20 of these subjects tried a histamine diet for 6 — 12 months.

The effects of histamine varies depending on age, gender, and genetics. Gut flora and the gut lining also appear to play a role in histamine intolerance.

A 2018 research Compared individuals with histamine intolerance to people with food intolerances, and many others with no intolerances in any way. The team with histamine intolerance had bacterial diversity in an impaired gut lining and their gut.

Several bacterial species Occurring naturally in some foods and probiotic supplements produce histamine, which might cause symptoms of histamine expression worse.

Can the low histamine diet aid?

The Low histamine diet aims to decrease the signs of allergies and histamine intolerance. There is limited evidence.

A small 2018 research showed a 4-week low-histamine diet aids decrease symptoms in adults with hives.

Research Has shown that histamine diets that were low might help reduce symptoms in people in those with histamine intolerance.

Scientists now need more studies that are high quality on Histamine intolerance to understand the treatments and the status.

Factors like medication, anxiety levels, and also a individual’s overall health all affect what works for them.

Research at 2017 Recommended a phased approach. This involves 10–14 days of avoiding foods, followed by around 6 weeks of foods. This enables anybody to determine that their tolerance that is histamine.

Before Trying any sort of restrictive diet, individuals should seek specialist nutritional counseling to ensure they’re getting adequate nutrients, and also to prevent an unnecessary reduction.

Foods to avoid

The following foods include higher degrees of histamine:

Some Kinds of fish
aged cheeses
processed meats
beer and wine
fermented goods

Studies Indicate that some foods can”release” histamine from the body, even if they don’t include it. Scientists don’t fully comprehend how this works, but a few people may respond to particular foods, such as:


Foods That contain chemicals called can also compete for DAO. This implies that if a person eats tons of these foods, histamine won’t break down as quickly and may cause symptoms.

Foods which contain other amines contain:

citrus fruits

Other sources also report the following foods are either high in histamine or histamine releasing or they block the DAO receptor:

Pickled and canned foods
chocolate and cocoa products
yeast extract
black tea
Mate tea
energy drinks